Grip Acupressure Wooden Sticks for Hands

Grip Acupressure Wooden Sticks for Hands | Comes In Set Of 2

Grip Acupressure Wooden Sticks for Hands

GRIP ACUPRESSURE WOODEN STICKS FOR HANDS – Acupressure is an easy way to relax and restore energy within minutes, Roll away daily stress by rolling your hands over this wooden massager. It improves blood circulation and restores energy and brings instant refreshment and feels all the tensions in your body ooze out. Renew and Recharge yourself while you read a book, watch TV, or even while working in your office.

Grip Acupressure Wooden stick is designed to be rolled up-and-down, this way most of the trigger points are stimulated and release energy. Helps to relieve numbness and stiffness in fingers due to long time writing, typing, driving, illness and injury. Assists in improving the blood flow and energy levels in the body.

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  • Grip acupressure wooden sticks for hands have rounded-off edges which applying force to the pressure points without hurting the skin and muscles.
  • Grip acupressure wooden sticks for hands is designed with similar science of reflexology, so by using it on each point of your feet regularly.
  • Perfect acupressure tool to stimulate energy, blood circulation and blocked nerves.
  • It is a wooden spiked hand roller to stimulate pressure points.
  • Important trigger points are stimulated by rolling up-and-down on fingers.
  • Enhances vital energy flow and circulation in the body increase blood circulation, provides relaxation.
  • You can roll it in between your two palms, by putting appropriate pressure.
  • To stimulate pressure points and it helps relieve stress and tension and relaxes the mind and body.
  • For special points of your hands, and body. It helps relieve stress.
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Special Price Rs199.00
Price Rs299.00
Material Type Wood
Color Brown
Material Natural Wood
Brands Grip
Country of Origin India
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